10 Best Laptops for Students Best Student laptop deals {Update 2022}

Laptops for students YES I am also pretty much confused when I was going to buy one for me a few years ago, so i know how it works in mind.

From that not bad but time-consuming and boring process, here in bestlaptoptry I made a pretty straightforward list of 10 best laptops for students and I hope these are the best student laptop deals also.

Top 10 Best Laptops for students 

In recent years, the keyboard has replaced with great fanfare the traditional pen in universities. It is now essential to be well equipped to be able to take notes and record your lessons. But which laptop for students to choose for the start of the 2022 school year in the face of a very dense supply?

Between September and October, it is the big re-entry for students . A privileged moment to afford new equipment and thus increase your chances of success. We see it more and more on the benches of universities, the laptop is today one of the essentials of the student. It is an essential and versatile object that allows you to take notes, organize your lessons, but also to exchange more easily with other students and with teachers. The advantage is that it is an all-in-one object, essential to stay organized and do your research on a daily basis. Where you once had to carry several kilos of books and books, the student laptop, it fits in a small pouch and weighs an average of 2 to 3 kilos.

The choice of a student laptop computer deserves some attention, since it is the latter that will contribute to the success of your studies.¬†Several possibilities are available to you, from the entry-level model a little heavier and a little slower, to the high-end model, ultra light and ultra fast.¬†As a student, your criteria of choice are a little different from those of other consumers: price, practicality, lightness, autonomy … Here is a selection of the best computers for students, specially chosen for their practicality and their functions compatible with student activities.

our selection

  1. Acer Swift 5 SF514-57T-79W0
  2. Packard Bell Chromebook cb314-002 Touch
  3. Microsoft Surface Go 2
  4. Huawei MateBook D 15,6″
  5. Asus Chromebook 14’’
  6. Lenovo Ideapad 3 17ADA05
  7. Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  8. Dell Inspiron 13 7306
  9. Apple MacBook Air Puce M1 Chip
  10. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3


Acer Swift 5 SF514-57T-79W0


With a light weight just under 1 kg and a very good configuration, the Acer Swift 5 SF514-57T-79W0 laptop PC is one of the best value for money of the moment for an ultraportable. It incorporates a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, a 512 GB SSD and a 14-inch Full HD touchscreen. The autonomy announced by Acer is 11 hours, enough to survive a whole day of lessons or work.

  • Thin and light design
  • Quality configuration
  • Autonomy
  • Windows 10 S and standard



Packard Bell Chromebook cb314-002 Touch


Enjoy good resolution with this Packard Bell Touch Chromebook laptop. It is equipped with a touch screen and is light, therefore easy to carry. It has a USB port and its screen of good resolution. Note, however, that it does not contain a graphics card so it will be necessary to add one, and does not have the fingerprint reader function to unlock it.

  • Touch screen
  • Weight
  • Port USB
  • Resolution
  • No graphics card
  • No fingerprint reader


Microsoft Surface Go 2

Play the minimalism card for your lessons with this Microsoft Suface Go 2 laptop PC. Very compact and flexible, it has a touch screen. Its autonomy is more than 10 hours and it is light. Note, however, that it comes without a keyboard, so you will need to purchase an additional one. The screen is otherwise small, so make sure it will be enough to meet your needs.

  • Flexible
  • Touch screen
  • Weight
  • Autonomy
  • No keyboard
  • Small screen


PC portable Huawei MateBook D 15

Put the odds in your favor during your studies with this MateBook laptop PC from Huawei. Very well designed, it has an Azerty keyboard and a very large screen for optimal visibility. It charges quickly, ideal for going to class, and the retractable camera offers more immersion. You can also take advantage of a fingerprint sensor for unlocking, and a very powerful processor.

  • AZERTY keyboard
  • Big screen
  • Fast charge
  • Retractable camera
  • Fingerprint sensor


Asus Chromebook 14 ” Laptop

Bet on 2 in 1 with this 14-inch Chromebook laptop from Asus whose screen rotates for tablet-like use. It has several very practical connections, including USB ports. Its screen is a good size for comfortable use, and the keyboard is in Azerty. We regret that the colors of the screen are not more vibrant, they are a bit bland.

  • Rotating screen
  • Connectors
  • Screen size
  • AZERTY keyboard
  • Screen color


Lenovo Ideapad 3 17ADA05

For efficient note-taking in the classroom, there’s nothing like this IdeaPad 3 laptop from Lenovo.¬†It has a large 17-inch screen and very good resolution for pleasant reading.¬†Its screen is tiltable, and the autonomy of more than 8 hours is ideal for a whole day of lessons.¬†Too bad it is a bit heavy.

  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • Inclinable
  • Autonomy
  • Weight

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 remains a benchmark in the field of hybrid laptops. This touchscreen tablet can easily be transformed into a PC by adding a Type Cover keyboard with its ingenious ‚ÄúKickstand‚ÄĚ which allows it to be oriented as desired. Performance is still there with an Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM, and the connection gains a USB-C port. Success in the ideal format for a student, who still has one flaw: the almost essential keyboard is not provided.

  • Very nice touch screen
  • The adjustable kickstand
  • Good performance
  • Keyboard to be purchased separately


Dell Inspiron 13 7306 Laptop

Use your PC like a tablet with this Dell-branded Inspiron laptop. Its screen is touch-sensitive but also rotatable to position itself as you see fit. You can use the fingerprint sensor, but also pair this device with your smartphone, whether Android or iOs. The screen resolution is excellent, however, the pc may have connection problems. The price is also very high.

  • Touch screen
  • Rotating screen
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Screen resolution
  • Pairing with smartphone
  • Price
  • Connectivity problems


Apple MacBook Air with M1 Chip

Put the odds in your favor during your studies by choosing this MacBook Air M1 from Apple. It is designer and contains an M1 chip, designed by Apple. It is also very fast and has a very good storage capacity with a 256 GB SSD. It is also light and quiet. Although powerful, this model displays a very high price.

  • M1 chip
  • Speed
  • Storage capacity
  • Quiet
  • Weight
  • Price


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft does not only offer convertible tablets in its catalog: the Surface Laptop 3 is a true touchscreen laptop that has little to envy the best in its class. Its very beautiful 13-inch screen has the advantage of offering a very comfortable ratio and resolution for working, the finish is very successful and the configuration of this model is in a good average: 9th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 256 GB SSD storage and 8 GB of RAM. We will also appreciate the presence of a second USB port, this time in USB-C format.

  • Superb design
  • Very nice high resolution display
  • Good performance
  • Quite expensive
  • Delicate Alcantara coating



How to choose a student laptop?

The computer is the student’s main tool. It is thanks to it that you will be able to take notes, do research, prepare presentations and lectures, revise your courses, prepare for your exams … By carrying out a comparison of student laptops, you will more easily find a device that will be suitable not only for your use but also for your budget.

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As a student, your computer plays a critical role in the success of your studies. But for this to work, you still have to choose a device that suits your needs. If your computer is only intended for simple office exercises, an average power will be more than sufficient. On the other hand, if you are going to use it for graphics or video work, or if you are used to playing heavy video games, it is essential that you choose a powerful computer.

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Do you need to carry your student laptop on a regular basis?¬†Prefer a 13 ” model, compact and light.¬†A PC that fits in a small pocket or backpack is much more easily transportable than a larger, heavier PC.¬†In any case, you will need to choose a computer that will match your work and your pace.

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The criteria for choosing a student laptop

Here is a list of the 5 main criteria for choosing a student laptop:

The clutter.¬†As a student, you will be required to carry your computer regularly, whether on the train, in the cafeteria or in class.¬†It is for this reason that it is advisable to prefer a PC that is both small (13 ‚ÄĚ) and light.¬†Some models only weigh 1.5 kg!

Autonomy. Whoever says the need for mobility necessarily means the need for autonomy. In office use, the most common models offer 2 to more than 10 hours of battery life. Unfortunately, the heavier a battery, the better it performs. You will therefore have to find the right compromise.

The power . The power of a laptop computer depends on its processor. A frequency of 2 GHz will be sufficient for office use, while a frequency of 2.4 GHz will be preferable for running heavier software and programs. As for the RAM, it would be better to favor 8 GB of RAM to benefit from a good speed of execution.

The screen. To work in good conditions, but to be able to carry your laptop everywhere, a compromise in screen size will have to be found. From 13 to 15 inches, you will enjoy a good size screen and a portable device.

Storage space. Most student laptops have a storage capacity of 500 GB to 1 TB. The 500 GB is more than enough if you plan to use your computer for office use only. On the other hand, if you also want to save your movies, photos and personal games, it would be better to prefer a higher storage space.

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Which computer to choose based on your studies?

Choosing a new student PC should take into account the type of studies you are doing. Your needs will not be the same if you study in the field of letters, IT or graphics. Find the computer best suited to your studies and your needs by taking into account specific selection criteria adapted to your work.

You are studying in a non-IT field

Are you a student of literature, language, education or chemistry?¬†If you are not a gamer and plan to use only office automation tools, then a “classic” computer of normal power should be sufficient for you, coupled if possible to a¬†¬†laser printer¬†to print your lessons on paper.¬†For students on a very tight budget, there are notebooks, very compact computers, which offer excellent battery life (up to 8 hours) and which are offered at very reasonable prices.¬†From 250 ‚ā¨, you will have access to very decent computers, limited to the multimedia level, but largely sufficient to watch a movie from time to time.

You are studying graphics or photo / video editing

As a aspiring graphic designer or editor, you need a powerful computer with excellent definition. Choose a high-performance processor and a good-sized, high-tech screen, preferably with a 4K display and a full color palette. To use Adobe Suite software, a processor of at least 2.4 GHz is necessary, especially if you plan to perform complex tasks such as 3-dimensional models. For short-term memory, RAM, go for a minimum of 8 GB, 16 GB being optimal. Note that most students and people working in the field of communication do their work on MacBook Pros from Apple.

You are studying computer science

If you are studying computer science, choosing your student laptop is crucial.¬†While your screen will not need to have a huge resolution, your processor will need to be powerful, from 2.5 to 4 GHz.¬†The RAM of your new device will also have to be important, by privileging if possible a RAM of 16 GB. But the most important, in the choice of your new computer, will concern the connections: CD player, USB type C sockets, HDMI, jack … This will allow you to work on a complete machine and to be able, if necessary, to use two computers connected simultaneously.

You are a gamer

In addition to your studies, do you love to play on your laptop? So here are the points to consider in choosing the right device. The first element to consider is obviously the graphics card. It will have a huge impact on your performance in games, so you need to make sure that your laptop has one and most importantly that it is powerful enough, so make sure to inquire well at the time of purchase. Second, graphics performance. Here too, the graphics card is essential, it is this which will allow you to make the most of the graphics of your games, because it must be powerful enough to best reproduce the work done on the images.

Next you need to look at the processor, which also needs to be powerful enough for your computer to keep up with the game. If it’s too slow, you won’t enjoy your games.¬†As for the screen size, go for something big enough, at least 15 inches, otherwise the gaming experience will not be pleasant.¬†Finally, be sure to have a good screen resolution for more fluidity in the game, but also a sufficiently powerful battery because the game makes the machine work which will quickly lose its charge.

How to maintain the performance of your laptop?

To keep it performing as long as possible, your laptop needs to be well maintained. It is especially important to clean it well, both outside and inside. Indeed, by dint of being used, your PC will slow down. Why? Because many programs and software are present and take up space. In addition, they take advantage of your laptop’s resources, which means that they are no longer available for your tasks. To begin the cleanup, update your operating systems. This will allow the computer to function through the latest advancements planned for it. Next, essential step, install free PC cleaning software. These will scan your machine to detect duplicates, as well as unwanted elements. They then offer to delete them if you wish. Another point to improve the performance of your machine is to clean it as soon as it is purchased. Most computers come with programs already installed. Remove those that do not interest you, you will immediately save space.

It is also necessary to clean the exterior of the laptop, for example, to remove dust. For the screen and the top of the keys, use a microfiber cloth. For the interior of the connectors and under the keys, a compressed air bomb will be very effective. Finally, for the smudges on the screen and the top of the laptop PC, apply a solution intended for these fragile materials and remove the fingerprints.

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Accessories to accompany your laptop PC

In addition to the computer, several accessories can be added to your machine, to protect it, but also to make it more pleasant to use. The first thing to have is a pouch or carrying bag. These will protect the PC and prevent it from getting damaged when you have to take it somewhere. It is a fragile device that must be treated with care. To increase your comfort of use, consider a mouse. You can also buy headphones to listen to whatever you want without disturbing the people around you. If you are traveling abroad, an adapter may be essential for charging your laptop.


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