How to Choose the Right Processor for your Laptop {Update 2022}

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How to choose the right processor for your laptop:If you are here in this article then you are the person who is going to buy a laptop and think about the best laptop BRAIN ūüôā it’s funny but true . We are here to help you how to choose processor for laptop,what is the best processor for laptops,how many types of processor in laptop,laptop processor list best to worst and so many more .

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How to choose the right processor for your laptop?

Which processor to choose for your laptop?

The processor is referred to as the ‚Äúbrain of the computer‚ÄĚ.¬†It ensures the proper execution of operations with speed.¬†Its choice will depend on the nature and number of tasks you ask your PC to perform.¬†To make no mistake, discover in this article the points to consider.

To choose a processor well, it is advisable to refer to its components, namely the core, the frequency and the cache memory.

The heart

To be able to perform one or more tasks, the laptop computer uses the kernel known as the heart. It is this individual processor that differentiates one CPU from another.

On the market, you will find:

  • A basic processor that only has one core

Having this feature, the processor can only perform one task at a time, namely compress a folder, open a software or a web page …

  • A multi-core processor containing several cores

Unlike the basic processor, the multi-core processor (1) is designed to perform multiple instructions at the same time. On the market, you will find Dual-Core(2) (2 cores), Quad-Core (4 cores), Hexa-Core (6 cores) or Octo-Core (8 cores) processors. Your choice will depend on your needs and your budget.

Note however that a physical heart is different from a logical heart. The first is the actual number of cores in the processor. As for the second, it is an SMT or Simultaneous Multi Threading technique which is used to execute two instructions on the same kernel.


The frequency is expressed in gigahertz or GHz. Its role is to define the speed with which the instruction will be carried out. The higher this value, the faster the tasks will be executed.

A processor with a frequency of 2 GHz will be able to perform 2 billion operations per second.

Cache memory

This buffer temporarily stores similar data in its cache in order to perform operations faster. This optimizes the speed of a processor by reducing waiting time. Thus, the larger the cache memory of a CPU , the faster the latter can access data.

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Which processor model to favor for which use?

Now that you know the components of a processor, it’s time to define your needs and budget to determine the most suitable CPU.¬†Before making your choice, be aware that the more efficient it is, the more energy it consumes.¬†This will therefore have a great impact on the autonomy of your¬†laptop PC.

Processor for common use

If you’re going to be using your¬†laptop for office work, viewing photos and videos, and surfing the internet, a¬†low-power¬†multi-core processor¬†may already be right for you if your budget is tight.¬†Opt only for a PC equipped with an SSD drive and a Pentium with 8 GB of RAM.¬†This will allow you to use a more responsive machine on a daily basis.

If you are not limited on the budget, you can get a better capable Quad Core processor. A Ryzen 5 from AMD or a Core i5 from Intel is a good example.

Processor to play

The most efficient model possible is recommended for gamers. The ideal therefore remains the Hexa core . That said, you can go with a Quad Core like the Core i5 Quad Core H series or the Ryzen 5 4600H .

However, to play you need a laptop with a capable graphics card . So, to take full advantage of your laptop, always bet on the most efficient GPU.

Processor for photo editing or video creation

Your choice will depend on the frequency and type of treatment. If it is a light or occasional use, you can opt for a Quad Core processor accompanied by an internal SSD hard drive and 8GB RAM.

For more intensive use, a Hexa core processor is more recommended if your budget allows it.

Good to know

In addition to implying a significant budget, the powerful processors are reserved for laptops of 15 and 17 inches. These criteria are therefore to be considered if you want to get a space-saving professional or private laptop. Indeed, a high-performance CPU is the source of many thermal and noise constraints in a 2 cm thick laptop.

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