10 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops in 2022 Expert Recommendation

Cheap gaming laptops 2022: Are you looking for cheap gaming laptops that suit your budget as well as do not lose the gaming performance?

If the answer is YES ! then this is the best place where you get your desired one for your dream gaming journey, okay let’s get started.

Gaming laptops combine performance and mobility. However, most of the time, these are extremely expensive machines. So, do not be surprised to find products of 3000 $ or more. However, there are cheap gaming laptops on the market that offer the ability to run the latest games without problems.

Playing on a laptop is useful for a number of reasons. Indeed, you can play wherever you want when you want with a mobile computer.

However, this is frustrating for many gamers because the budget that must be invested in order to buy a high-performance product is often substantial

If you have the budget, it might be better to take a look at the comparison of the best gaming laptops. On the other hand, if you don’t have any requirements in terms of recent games or in terms of power then this page is for you.

As there is a fairly high turnover of inexpensive gaming laptops, it is possible that some of the products in our selection are no longer available.

To overcome this, we offer you the most interesting promotions of the moment in addition to the 10 laptops developed on this page. For those who do not need the gaming part, you can visit our page dedicated to the purchase of a cheap laptop.

An inexpensive gaming computer is as comfortable for gaming as it is for office automation. Thus, they are perfect especially for young players, who want to buy a device that is easily transportable for studies and powerful enough to play the rest of the time.

Following a comparison between different products and configurations, let’s discover together the TOP 10 of the¬†best cheap gaming laptops, but quality¬†gaming laptops.¬†You can choose among these, the model that best meets your desires and your budget.

Top 10 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops

Are you wondering which are the best cheap gaming laptops? Be aware in any case that affordable laptops are indeed present on the market.

However, it is still necessary to turn to a product guaranteeing a minimum of qualitative configuration, in order to play.¬†Let’s discover together the TOP 10 of the best inexpensive gaming laptops.

1. HP Omen 15

This¬†HP Omen 15 gaming laptop PC¬†offers a good configuration for a price of around 1000 euros.¬†Its¬†Ryzen 4600H¬†processor¬†(3 at 4Ghz) and its¬†6 GB¬†Nvidia¬†GeForce GTX 1660 Ti¬†graphics card¬†, offers enough power to play many recent games.¬†Since the graphics card is not RTX, you won’t benefit from the Ray Tracing effects, but you have a great GTX card here, and maybe one of the last in this lineup.¬†This allows Hp to offer a good configuration without skimping on the rest of the equipment found in this Omen 15. Its 15.6 Full HD¬†144Hz screen¬†,¬†16GB of RAM¬†and¬†512GB¬†SSD¬†storage¬†also guarantee good comfort in your video game sessions.

The fact of offering a Ryzen 5 4600H, allows HP to offer excellent results and adequate performance for gaming or for other types of more professional use (even if here, we do not have here a so-called multi-tasking processor such as an i7 or a Ryzen 7). The 512GB SSD will allow you to store some big games, or a whole bunch of small independent nuggets why not.

As for WiFi 6 compatibility, you will once and for all get rid of the ethernet cable, obsolete for years for those who have optical fiber. This PC also has the advantage of being rather versatile visually, so you can without batting an eyelid bring it to work or school.


Among the faults that can be noted, there are the points inherent in gaming laptops such as autonomy, but also the management of fans even if the noise is still acceptable. We can also quibble about the graphics card which is not RTX, but honestly, given the general configuration, you have a very good machine here.


  • The solid and balanced config
  • Compatible WiFi 6
  • The advantage of the 144 Hz screen

The lessers

  • No RTX GPU
  • Slightly low autonomy



2. MSI GL65 Leopard

With its GL65 Leopard 10SFK-444FR gaming laptop , MSI is classic and efficient. Its rather interesting technical sheet on paper allows you to take advantage of a very good power to play all the games currently available. To be honest, Cyberpunk 2077 will work just fine on it just like an RDR.

This PC is therefore equipped with an¬†i7-10750H¬†processor¬†, an¬†Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 8GB¬†graphics card¬†,¬†16 GB of RAM¬†and¬†512 GB¬†of storage¬†in SSD¬†.¬†Its screen from¬†15.6 ‚Ä≥ to 144Hz is in line with the rest of the proposed configuration.¬†The overall format of the PC, relatively thin for such a machine, will allow you to enjoy it for both play and work.¬†The design of the computer remains very focused on gaming, especially in terms of the RGB keyboard.¬†We regret a slightly ‚Äúplastic‚ÄĚ finish and a slightly lower autonomy if you make full use of the machine in nomadic mode (less than 5 hours in normal use).¬†We also regret a passable sound but its price is still attractive for a model equipped with an RTX 2070 Super.¬†This model includes¬†¬†Windows 10¬†.


  • The very well chosen components
  • Integrated Steelseries keypad
  • Efficient cooling system
  • 144Hz screen

The lessers

  • Sound system not great
  • The plastic side
  • Fair autonomy

3. ACER Nitro AN515



This¬†ACER Nitro AN515-55-5041¬†may be the gaming laptop you need if you are looking for a good deal and can put a little extra money for the ram.¬†First of all, its¬†15.6¬†‚ÄĚ(43cm)¬†Full HD IPS¬†display¬†can go up to¬†144Hz¬†.¬†The rest of the computer is obviously not left out, since the technical sheet consists of an¬†i5-10300H¬†processor¬†perfect for games but rather average for tasks a little heavier in terms of productivity.¬†This model has a latest generation graphics card with the¬†RTX 3060 at 6GB¬†.¬†Regarding the storage here we have a¬†512 GB SSD, which today becomes the minimum that can be seen on this kind of configuration.¬†On the other hand, you noticed that this machine¬†only embeds 8 GB of ram¬†, which is rather disappointing in relation to the promise to run recent games.¬†Well rest assured, this gaming laptop PC has¬†additional space to add ram¬†and thus go up to 16 GB without any problem (moreover you can go up to 32 GB max).

Regarding the negative points, we always find the same faults, an autonomy that will drop quickly in play (count less than 5 hours in light use), the need to add a support to better cool the beast, even if the fans are heard.

This gaming laptop PC offered by Acer also has a WiFi 6 compatible card , allowing you to increase your speed tenfold if your box or router is compatible. In addition to power, the range of this technology is also improved vis-à-vis current standards.


  • A good price-performance ratio
  • Possibility of increasing the ram

The lessers

  • Not made for multi-tasking
  • low autonomy
  • heats up a lot in play

4. MSI GF75 Thin

This¬†laptop gaming GF75 10UEK Thin-053XFR¬†of¬†MSI¬†offers a balanced configuration even if we have not here a computer on a budget.¬†Let’s be honest for a 17 inch model, we have a really good machine with its¬†Nvidia RTX 3060¬†6GB¬†graphics card¬†,¬†16GB of RAM¬†and a¬†¬†512GB¬†SSD¬†.¬†concerning the processor, we are here on an¬†Intel i7-10750Hwhich will allow you to perform heavy tasks such as video editing and that is why we find this model in this selection.¬†We regret the absence of an OS, which will require the purchase of a Windows 10, but luckily you can find a Windows key for ten euros.¬†Finally, we appreciate its 17 inch IPS screen at 144 Hz and with thin edges.

The main weak point of the MSI GF75 is undoubtedly its autonomy: with only 6 hours in normal operation (without launching a greedy game), it is very light if you want to indulge in the practice of the game on the go. example and its powerful components will not fix this point in the context of heavy treatments. But despite that we strongly recommend this type of machine if you are looking for a 17 inch and we do not recommend any device of this size that we could find under 1000 euros, at least of what we have not seen.


  • Solid and attractive technical sheet
  • Large, good quality display
  • MSI know-how

The lessers

  • The autonomy a little light
  • The price a little higher
  • The absence of OS for this price

5. Asus TUF A15-TUF506

Lots of power for a decent quality-price ratio, here is what Asus offers us with this model of gaming laptop PC.¬†Specialized in this type of machine, the brand shows us once again what it is capable of, by including a¬†Ryzen 7 4800H which is suitable for gaming¬†as¬†well¬†as for heavy tasks;¬†yes, we don’t have an RTX here, but the¬†GTX 1660 TI¬†still has a bright future ahead of it.¬†This Nvidia GPU is powerful enough to run the vast¬†majority of current games in Ultra;¬†a high-quality Full HD 144 Hz display;¬†and many other things, all in a PC weighing up to 2.3 kilograms, which is pretty decent in this kind of range.¬†We can also note the presence of a Windows 10 Home Edition which is always welcome.

Like the 17-inch MSI, this model is not necessarily the cheapest of this selection but offers an honest configuration. Regarding the aesthetics, we are on the old design which seems slightly aging to us, but it is only a matter of taste. Finally, remember that the 16 GB Ram can be increased up to 32, and that you can add additional storage in ssd, which will not displease the creators and graphic designers.


  • Polyvalent
  • Quality 144Hz display
  • General quality at the rendezvous

The lessers

  • Some parts of the design to review
  • Some will regret that there is no RTX 3060

6. ASUS Dash 15

What to say about the Asus Dash 15 FX516PE-HN001T, which seems to present a poor quality / price ratio for those who only look at the GPU.¬†And although these advantages are found elsewhere!¬†Here we are leaving the Tuf range to present¬†an elegant gaming laptop¬†, with excellent finishes and above all which is¬†Ultra Slim¬†.¬†Be careful, we are talking about a gamer model so don’t expect the smoothness of a Macbook Air.¬†Here, the machine is thick enough to allow at least the integration of an ethernet connection, appreciated by competitive players.¬†With this, the Asus Dash weighs these 2 kilos, which remains very honorable for a 15-inch machine.

Regarding the technical characteristics, here we have an i7 11370H processor and 16 GB of ram . The processor has a graphics part with the Iris Xe for lighter tasks while the RTX 3050Ti will take over for games. The i7 largely allows you to perform photo, video editing or 3d work. For the games part, the RTX 3050Ti is the entry level of the 3000 series from Nvidia. It only has 4 GB of DRR6, but this model will allow you to discover Ray Tracing on certain games. It will still be necessary to sacrifice the rendering for more fluidity and playability. Some people put this card at the level of a mobile RTX 2060, but it is slightly less powerful with still less consumption. We can say that the make-up of the machine is balanced for the creatives who want to play the game without looking for the best graphics on the games.

This ASUS laptop PC includes: rj45, USB 3.0, USC-C / thunderbolt 3 and hdmi, we regret the absence of an SD card reader for those who wish to process their photos. Even if the Asus dash is over 1000 euros, it remains competitive for a machine of this quality with a latest generation processor and graphics card .

Finally, this model will not fail to activate its cooling system in the event of heating in games or heavy treatments, which will inevitably generate a little noise.


  • Pc gamer ultra-slim
  • Good configuration
  • complete connection
  • Recent components

The lessers

  • New generation but entry-level GPU
  • Heating and noise in case of too much solicitation

7. LENOVO Legion Y540-15IRH

Lenovo is no longer a beginner in the computer market, whether for office or gaming. If they were first talked about in the West after their takeover by Google (to be resold shortly after), it is not there that they began to refine their know-how. Nowadays, Lenovo is one of the biggest brands in the market and their Legion 5 gaming laptops tend to show their mastery. We are not here on a racehorse for gaming, but like most PCs in this top, this one is still a good choice for gaming.

On the program:¬†Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 6GB¬†,¬†Ryzen 7 5800H¬†processor¬†,¬†16 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD¬†and¬†15.6 ‚Ä≥ Full HD screen¬†clocked at¬†120 Hz¬†.¬†It’s clean and efficient for multi-tasking, like the design thought by Lenovo which mixes the gaming world and the professional world to offer something very pleasing to the eye.¬†Here you can run all the latest games, but do not plan to put ultra or very high on the triple A with the 3060. Allow 6 hours of autonomy without too much stress.

Like the other models, if you use your Legion 5 to the full, it will heat up, causing the cooling system to operate, which will inevitably be a bit noisy.


  • Good technical sheet
  • Good sound system quality
  • Joli design

The lessers

  • Limited battery life
  • A bit noisy in gaming

8. MSI GF65 Thin

MSI one day, MSI always. When you are looking for a gaming PC, whether portable or stationary, you will always hear about this very powerful company in the consumer computing market. This is still the case for the GF65 Thin gaming laptop, which is one of the benchmarks of recent years. This computer consists of an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (6GB) graphics card , an Intel i5 10300H processor , 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD . Its 15.6 Full HD screen is clocked at 144 Hz.

A 1660 Ti is obviously not the last vintage from Nvidia.¬†But apart from ray-tracing, this GTX will not lack anything, which remains one of the references of this generation of graphics cards: many PCs which are not RTX, embed this GTX.¬†Like many laptops, the latter may need to run its cooling system during a game which will generate a certain volume of sound …


  • Its price (under 1000)
  • 144Hz screen
  • MSI quality

The lessers

  • Correct CPU without being a thunderbolt
  • It can be noisy

9. Dell Inspiron G5 15 5500

As a general rule,¬†DELL¬†is more¬†likely to be¬†expected¬†in the professional PC area¬†.¬†Not just in simple office automation, but in powerhouses dedicated to professional uses: engineering, 3D modeling, video … Many DELL-stamped computers end up in the hands of the greatest.¬†But this time, they decided to use their knowledge in the world of¬†laptop gaming PCs¬†without going through their dedicated Alienware range.¬†In short, their¬†Inspiron G5 15 5500¬†is made up of a¬†GTX 1660 Ti¬†graphics card¬†, a¬†10th gen i5¬†processor¬†and a¬†512 GB SSD..¬†Overall, we have a good setup without being a racehorse.¬†It does the job at the gaming level without being very good.¬†Its processor remains suitable for gaming, but will not satisfy those who want to make video or multi-tasking.

But where the shoe pinch is that DELL has chosen to offer only 8 GB of RAM . Make no mistake, this PC will be able to run a lot of games, but these days it is very strange to limit yourself to these 8 gigabytes of RAM. We still put it in our comparison in order to offer a solution to those who have a more limited budget when the specials are on their toes.


  • His price
  • Consistent technical sheet without making intecelles

The lessers

  • 8 GB of RAM for gaming, it’s getting limited

10. HP Pavilion Gaming 15

Defining the¬†HP Pavilion Gaming 15¬†is pretty easy: it’s a 15 ‚Ä≥ gaming laptop under $ 1000 that will suit those who don’t want to play the latest AAA games.¬†And for good reason, here we have a balanced base, which unfortunately overlooks the power of the graphics card.¬†So be careful, we are not saying that the¬†GTX 1650Ti with its 4 GB of GDDR6¬†is a bad card, on the contrary, it had its heyday not long ago in the entry-level laptop category.¬†But today, the latter is quickly outdated.¬†It will still be able to run AAA games released a few years ago at 60 fps.

We offer this model for the most modest budgets. You can find even cheaper, but this configuration comes with a decent CPU with the i5 10300H and 16 Giga of ram . Concerning the storage we have an honorable ssd of 512 GB . This model also offers a wide choice of connections with USB-C, USB type A ports, RJ45 but also an SD card reader.

Like a majority of gaming laptops, the manufacturer announces a battery of up to 6 hours, but we know that the reality is quite different depending on your use without a power outlet. Basically, on a greedy game, 2 hours of battery life will already be good. Finally, we like its matte screen which eliminates possible reflections.


  • His price
  • A technical sheet that remains suitable
  • Its matte screen
  • The connection

The lessers

  • The 1650 Ti
  • 60 Hz screen (but considering the price, that can be understood)


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Our complete guide to buying cheap gaming laptops, how to choose?

A gaming computer is ideal for gaming since it is powerful and has superior features compared to an office PC.¬†The various elements of such equipment have been designed for¬†intensive use¬†but also in order to administer a consequent consumption of resources.¬†In order to be able to play with quality equipment, you need a cheap gaming computer that meets all your needs.¬†With this guide, let’s find out how to properly maintain and choose a gaming computer.


How to maintain your cheap gaming laptop?


A somewhat dated PC will struggle to perform well with the latest games. Thus, it is necessary to regularly update the various components. To do this, it is possible to add more RAM or install a faster processor . Besides these two options, you can also change the present hard drive to an SSD drive. This offers a clear gain in speed and performance. Besides, the change is not that complicated. The second thing to do is to optimize your operating system. For that, there is a good number of free software present on the web. Finally, do not forget also to update the hardware drivers of your PC in order to optimize the performance of the latter.


For cleaning the keyboard, opt for a brush. It will allow you to remove crumbs and other dirt that has accumulated over time. If this is insufficient, opt for a bellows , especially famous for cleaning camera lenses. If necessary, you can remove the keyboard .

Compared to the screen, the best thing to do in order to clean it is to use a¬†microfiber cloth¬†and a little hot water.¬†If that’s not enough, use¬†cleansing gels.¬†On the other hand, we advise you to be attentive with regard to the composition of such products.


When cleaning your inexpensive PC, your main enemy is dust. First of all, check that the various vents are not blocked by dust. Then take a toothbrush to clean the gills. Note that you can raise the rear of the machine a little to optimize air circulation. For the more adventurous gamers, use a screwdriver and open the device to remove any dust.

What are the criteria to take into account?

Do you have to have a tower in order to benefit from an optimal gaming experience?¬†No !¬†Indeed, there are mobile gaming laptops on the market, efficient and inexpensive.¬†Playing on a cheap gaming laptop whenever and wherever you want is still fun.¬†However, you have to find the right model in order to enjoy a¬†flawless gaming experience¬†.¬†Let’s take a look at five criteria to consider when buying the right product.

Graphics card (GPU)

Here is a point on which the games are extremely greedy . In addition, it is a criterion which quickly increases the price of PCs. Currently, you run the risk of having a quickly obsolete gaming PC if you put your money into a graphics card older than the GTX 1660 TI. However, on inexpensive PCs, it is most of the time on this aspect that it is necessary to make concessions for the benefit of a quality processor.

Processor (CPU)

If you opt for an i5 or a Ryzen 5 you will have what you need to play. Make sure you have a fairly recent generation of processor (a 10th Generation Core i5 or a Ryzen 5 4xxx or 5xxx ). If in addition to video games you plan to multi-task, then a processor with more cores will not be too much. Do not hesitate to turn to an intel Core i7 or a Ryzen 7.

When cleaning your inexpensive PC, your main enemy is dust. First of all, check that the various vents are not blocked by dust. Then take a toothbrush to clean the gills. Note that you can raise the rear of the machine a little to optimize air circulation. For the more adventurous gamers, use a screwdriver and open the device to remove any dust.


Graphics card (GPU)

Here is a point on which the games are extremely greedy . In addition, it is a criterion which quickly increases the price of PCs. Currently, you run the risk of having a quickly obsolete gaming PC if you put your money into a graphics card older than the GTX 1660 TI. However, on inexpensive PCs, it is most of the time on this aspect that it is necessary to make concessions for the benefit of a quality processor.

Processor (CPU)

If you opt for an i5 or a Ryzen 5 you will have what you need to play. Make sure you have a fairly recent generation of processor (a 10th Generation Core i5 or a Ryzen 5 4xxx or 5xxx ). If in addition to video games you plan to multi-task, then a processor with more cores will not be too much. Do not hesitate to turn to an intel Core i7 or a Ryzen 7.

Random access memory (RAM)

RAM is the aspect that determines your PC’s ability to do different tasks at the same time.¬†Currently¬†8 GB¬†is generally the minimum to run most games.¬†You will have to start looking towards machines with 16 GB of ram if you want a future proof product.

Display quality

A¬†Full HD display¬†is relevant for a¬†15-inch screen¬†(the configuration used by the majority of inexpensive gaming laptops).¬†A 4K display, in addition to the additional cost it generates, consumes a lot of battery life and tends to lower IPS.¬†So your games can become unbearable if the GPU / CPU assembly doesn’t follow behind.¬†Also focus on the refresh rate: the higher it is, the more fluid there will be compared to the animation.¬†At least 60Hz is recommended for gaming use.

Hard disk

Today, given the performance demanded by modern games, we recommend that you buy a computer with a partial SSD , offering the possibility of a relevant and fast installation as well as limited loading times. Note that an optimal configuration, in the midst of inexpensive gaming computers, is a 256 GB SSD, to this you will have to add additional storage for your games. As you can see from our selection, the storage standard is now 512 GB in ssd.

Conclusion Best Cheap Gaming Laptops

Laptops for gamers are usually quite expensive.¬†Thus, it is complicated to find the right deal.¬†However, that does not mean that it is impossible to find an inexpensive and quality gaming computer.¬†You may find a good compromise among our selection of¬†17-inch laptops¬†, some of which are designed for gaming. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, take into account the following five criteria to¬†find your gaming laptop¬†: graphics card, processor , RAM, display quality and hard drive.¬†Gamer friends, play!



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